Terms of Service

By using Vloggii (or "the service”), you agree to the terms of use below.

  • Who can use the service?

Anyone over the age of 18 can register for a free Vloggii account.

However, there are restrictions in certain countries that require you to be over 18 to use a social network such as Vloggii.

Please respect the laws of the country in which you reside.

Organizations may create an account and also use our service for free. However, the person who creates the account for an organization is responsible for what is shared or posted through the account.

  • Privacy

Our Privacy Policy (https://Vloggii.com/privacy_policy) describes how we handle the information you provide to us when you use our Services. You understand that through your use of the Services you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of this information, including the transfer of this information to the Netherlands for storage, processing and use by Vloggii and its affiliates.

  • Content on the services

The creator of the account is always responsible for the content posted via the account.
This includes materials prohibited by law, written content, photos, images, videos, sounds,…
Content that you post on Vloggii must comply with our terms and conditions and must not appear on our list of prohibited content.

Although we continuously monitor the network, we cannot guarantee that the information posted by users is correct.

Please note that while using the network you may encounter inaccurate content, offensive content, erotic content, and/or other content that you do not agree to.
While we make every effort to remove content that does not comply with our terms, we cannot take any responsibility for such content.

We reserve the right to remove content that does not comply with our terms or applicable laws. When a user repeatedly ignores our terms, we can and will block the account from our network. In serious cases, we will notify the competent authorities.

Content you share or post to the Network remains your property. However, you authorize us to use the content for the operation of the service. You can delete your self-posted content at any time, which will also permanently remove it from our servers.

  • Good to know

We make every effort to keep the service running. However, occasionally something can go wrong and the service may be unavailable for a while. Vloggii or ICM cannot be held responsible for the unavailability of the network.

When you purchase a paid service from us (eg a subscription to a members feed) and the network is unreachable for more than 48 hours, we will compensate you after investigation. (However, we never refund money if the network is temporarily down)

We reserve the right to continuously improve and update the service. As a result, some functions may be removed or relocated. We always try to inform our users of this in advance.

While we are very open to everyone's opinion, there are things that are not allowed on Vloggii. (see: help center > your content)
When a user violates the conditions (several times) we can and will block his/her access to the network.
In addition, we will cooperate with appropriate authorities if the user violates the laws of the country from which they are using Vloggii.

  • Refunds
We do not offer refunds. Please read the creator's description before subscribing to his or her page. You can also check in advance how many posts the creator has, including the amount of photos, videos, ...
If you have accidentally paid twice for the same service, you can request a refund of the overpaid money via the contact page. Make sure you do this within 48 hours after the transaction.

If the platform is unavailable for more than 72 hours due to a technical malfunction, you can request compensation in the form of credit. You do this via the contact page. Compensation is only made after an investigation.

These Terms of use were last modified: April 2023